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Anna Berry is a sought after Interior Designer from Franklin, TN. Known for her impeccable style, and her genuine kindness, she has been transforming houses to homes since launching Anna Berry Design in 2011. As a little girl, Anna loved to create. From drawing to painting to dreaming, creativity was always a part of her daily life. She would regularly frustrate her parents because she loved to rearrange the house, finding the right setting for all their decor.


After a graduating from Abilene Christian University in Texas, she began her professional career in marketing and sales in Dallas, Finally, after the birth of her 3rd child, Anna began to channel all of her creative skills into her new venture, Anna Berry Design. Initially launched as a venture to repurpose furniture and furnishings, Anna Berry Design has grown into a multi-faceted organization, adding interior design, home construction and renovation to her services.


In the 6 years since beginning her firm, she has transformed countless of homes and left her indelible style. Her work has been featured in Nashville Lifestyle Magazine, The Tennessean, Cottage Journal, and West Franklin Magazine.


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