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Anna Berry is one of Nashville’s leading designers and renovation experts, specializing in recreating and reinventing spaces.


Anna Berry specializes in remodeling and reinventing typical spaces and transforming them into a client’s dream home. Whether kitchens, bathrooms, or entire houses, Anna Berry can rework any space into something remarkable.

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Anna Berry can help you design the project of your dreams and guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Simplify your project by letting Anna Berry Design guide you through the process of building, renovating, or decorating your space.

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Anna Berry Design focuses on reimagining typical spaces and creating something fresh and new from the old. With the goal of simplifying the lives of her clients, Anna Berry works hard to recapture the beauty in the things we see everyday.

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Anna is based in Franklin, TN and is one of the leading home renovation and sought-after  design experts in the Nashville area. 

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